Understanding Your Access to Purchased Content on mySCREEN.direct

At mySCREEN.direct, we believe in offering our users a flexible, customer-centric experience. To meet a variety of viewing preferences, we provide two types of purchase options: "Own it Forever" and "Rent for".


Own it Forever

With the "Own it Forever" option, you are purchasing permanent access to the video content. This means that you can watch the video as many times as you want, whenever you want, with no expiration date. Just like owning a DVD or a digital download, the content is yours to enjoy indefinitely. Simply visit your account and navigate to your purchased content whenever you want to watch it.

Rent for

The "Rent for" option allows you to rent a video for a specified period, typically 48 hours. This rental period begins not from the time of purchase, but from the moment you first hit play. This ensures you're not rushed and can start watching at a time that suits you best.

Once you start viewing your rented content, a countdown begins, and you will have 48 hours to watch the video as many times as you like. Once the rental period expires, the video will no longer be accessible.

Please note that each rental is for one viewing period only. If you wish to watch the video after the initial rental period, you will need to rent it again or choose the "Own it Forever" option.


We hope this clarifies your access to purchased content on mySCREEN.direct. Our goal is to provide you with a viewing experience that fits your schedule and preferences. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.